Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET)

More than 30 independent for profit and nonprofit publishers attended the inaugural CJET event in October 2012. CJET is a collaboration of the Investigative News Network, Block by Block and the Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg. The program is based on the Block by Block Super Camp — a training and mentoring program for publishers, produced by KDMC and supported by the Patterson Foundation.

Recent Articles

How independent news organizations can build sales

Eleanor Cippel of EW Scripps

Eleanor Cippel, Corporate Managing Director of Sales, Business Development and Operations for EW Scripps today addressed participants of CJET, a training and mentoring program for news startups. "It's incredibly important to know your identity as a business," says Cippel. "You should have a very clear message both internally and externally -- and that should help you develop an elevator pitch that expresses what your unique value proposition is." This applies to for-profits and nonprofits, says Cippel. "Unless someone is walking by with a tray floating you money, you have to ask people for money, and to do that you have to understand what your value is." Continue Reading →

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How can news organizations assess impact and engagement?


Lauren Fuhrmann of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism spoke to CJET, an event where independent investigative and community news organizations can gain business development and strategic planning skills to make their organization sustainable in the long term. Continue Reading →

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How News Startups Can Convert Readers To Members

Mary Walter-Smith, head of Voice of San Diego's membership operations


Mary Walter-Brown, head of advancement for the Voice of San Diego, spoke to news entrepreneurs at CJET on the nuts and bolts of building a membership program to support an independent journalism organization. "At the bare minimum, I encourage you to do reader surveys -- we did them through SurveyMonkey and it was very easy to administrate," Walter-Brown says.  "But break the target audience for your survey into segments."  Walter-Brown says Voice of San Diego broke survey respondents into groups -- people who had given the site money and those who hadn't; people who were subscribers to the organization's email list, and then for readers who engaged with specific beats, like the arts. "We asked what devices they used. Continue Reading →

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News Startups Accelerate at CJET

Lila LaHood, Publisher, SF Public Press, presenting at CJET

Over the next two days, a select group of investigative and community news startups will gather together to work out step-by-step plans to make their organization thrive for years to come.  CJET helps the people who drive new online news organizations build business skills and work out a plan that will bring them to financial sustainability. Continue Reading →

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What is the “secret sauce” of online news sustainability?


Michele McLellan started out with a list -- "Michele's List," which counted online news sites that had "journalistic DNA."  As a fellow at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, she focused on these sites -- how many of them were there, and how many of them would survive? Today at CJET (Community Journalism Executive Training) in Santa Barbara, she presented her new research to independent online news publishers who were taking part in business training aimed at creating sustainable journalism organizations. "I think I'm going to be a little 'tough love' with you guys," she said. "The love piece is that you folks are just doing amazing work and the passion and energy you put into your work is something I'm in awe of. Continue Reading →

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Executive Training Program for Community News Publishers Launched by The Investigative News Network

Funded by Knight Foundation, the event will be hosted at the Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg, October 18 – 20, 2012. Los Angeles, Calif. – Community news publishers will get expert help tackling business and market challenges through an executive training program from the Investigative News Network (INN). The Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET) program, to be held October 18 - 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif. and hosted at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, is made possible by support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The $100,000 grant allows INN to produce the program and fund attendance for 40 executives from journalism producers around the country. Continue Reading →

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