Programs & Projects

INN has a number of ongoing programs that are available to our members. Visit the pages below to learn more about each program.

Editorial Collaborations
The Investigative News Network facilitates editorial collaborations among its members. Learn More »

Fiscal Sponsorship
INN offers fiscal sponsorships to start-up member projects that operate within the rules of 501(c)(3), are consistent with our mission to inform the citizenry with investigative and public-service journalism, and which are only just now beginning the time-consuming, expensive and confusing process of applying for a 501(c)(3). Learn More »

Insurance Program
The INN/ThinkRisk media professional liability program from Great American Insurance Company offers comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing for INN members. Learn More »

Largo Project
Project Largo is a responsive WordPress theme framework developed by the Investigative News Network. Learn More »

Legal Referrals
To help our members find pro bono or low-cost legal help, the Investigative News Network has partnered with the Online Media Legal Network (OMLN) at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Learn More »

Training & Professional Development
INN offers training and professional development programs that help newsroom staff stay current with emerging technologies and evolving practice. Learn More »