Our Members

All INN members are nonprofit journalism organizations producing non-partisan news in the public interest.

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100Reporters represents a new take on a familiar mission: using the power of the pen to hold government and business accountable. 100Reporters joins 100 of the planet’s finest professional reporters with whistle-blowers and citizen journalists across the globe to report on corruption in all its forms. The organization, spearheaded by veteran foreign correspondents of top-tier news outlets, aims to raise the caliber, impact and visibility of citizen-driven investigative journalism, as a means of promoting transparency and good government.

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Alicia Patterson Foundation

The Alicia Patterson Foundation's mission is to foster, promote, sustain and improve the best traditions of American journalism, the Alicia Patterson Foundation will provide support for journalists engaged in rigorous, probing, spirited, independent and skeptical work that will benefit the public. The foundation will support journalism and will foster a community of journalists engaged in truthfully informing the public. The Foundation provides one-year and six-month grants to working journalists, and was established in 1965 in memory of Alicia Patterson, who was editor and publisher of Newsday for nearly 23 years before her death in 1963.

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Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

The Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to accountability reporting in Arizona. From issues such as corruption to government waste to immigration to the environment, AZCIR will hold people and organizations accountable for the things that matter in Arizona. We will do this through innovative, interactive and in-depth investigative reporting that is published digitally on www.AZCIR.org and through partnerships with other Arizona news outlets.

aspen journalism

Aspen Journalism

Aspen Journalism is an independent nonprofit news organization whose mission is to produce investigative journalism in the local public interest, as well-informed citizens make better decisions. We cover the Roaring Fork River watershed in western Colorado, with an emphasis on Aspen, Snowmass Village and Pitkin County. We collaborate with other local media organizations on stories and projects and we’re supported by people who appreciate journalism and have a stake in the Aspen area.

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Austin Bulldog

The Austin Bulldog is a nonprofit independent online news site for investigative reporting in the public interest. Our focus is almost entirely on what’s happening in our hometown, the city of Austin, Texas, although we will occasionally cover important stories on the outskirts. We will investigate matters involving government, media, politics, and anything else warranting close scrutiny that’s within our resources. We will strive to be an important source of news on the topics we cover. The Austin Bulldog is nonprofit, nonpartisan and non-advocacy.


Better Government Association

The Better Government Association promotes reform in Illinois through investigative journalism, civic engagement and advocacy. We're a watchdog, shining a light on government and holding public officials accountable.


Carolina Public Press

Public interest reporting is critical to an informed, engaged electorate and to ensuring government accountability. Carolina Public Press, a nonprofit online news service, provides Western North Carolina with unbiased, in-depth and investigative reporting as well as educational opportunities to journalists, students and others


Catalyst Chicago

Catalyst Chicago is an independent newsmagazine created in 1990 to document, analyze and support school-improvement efforts in the Chicago Public Schools. It is published by the Community Renewal Society (CRS), a nonprofit organization founded in 1882 that works to create racially and economically just communities. CRS also publishes The Chicago Reporter, an award-winning newsletter created in 1972 to investigate issues of race and poverty. Both publications are editorially independent of CRS.


Center for Investigative Reporting

At The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), we believe journalism that moves citizens to action is an essential pillar of democracy. Since 1977, CIR has relentlessly pursued and revealed injustices that otherwise would remain hidden from the public eye. Today, we're upholding this legacy and looking forward, working at the forefront of journalistic innovation to produce important stories that make a difference and engage you, our audience, across the aisle, coast to coast and worldwide.

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Center for Public Integrity

The Center for Public Integrity was founded in 1989 by Charles Lewis. We are one of the country's oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. Our mission: To enhance democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.


Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

El Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI) es una entidad sin fines de lucro creada en 2007 por la periodista Omaya Sosa Pascual, ex presidenta del Overseas Press Club, y el periodista y abogado Oscar J. Serrano, presidente de la Asociación de Periodistas de Puerto Rico, para fomentar el acceso a la información del pueblo de Puerto Rico mediante dos vías: la investigación periodística y la litigación. La organización fue creada para servir como instrumento a la ciudadanía en el ejercicio de sus responsabilidades en una democracia. Por un lado, realiza y publica investigaciones periodísticas que propenden una mayor fiscalización y transparencia de los poderes sociales.



ChicagoTalks has been online since 2006 as a nonprofit, local news source for Chicago and its many neighborhoods. Our stories come from all corners of the city; our reporters are young journalists learning to cover their communities and community people with a story to tell. Ars Technica described ChicagoTalks as: "A nuts-and-bolts neighborhood information hub that keeps its digital ear to the ground on everything from housing foreclosures to bike lanes. Fueled by citizen journalism, the site is constantly receiving and regurgitating the latest information about crime control, school budgets, and library hours."


City Limits, New York

City Limits is a New York City-based non-profit that strengthens community engagement on civic, economic, and social justice issues. Since 1976, we’ve fulfilled our mission by publishing investigative journalism, documentary photography, creating new media and convening conversations that increase public awareness. Through our sites CityLimits.org, BkBureau.org, and BronxBureau.org and convenings—including the Tackling Poverty Series—we connect people and organizations to news, resources and opportunities. Our work has documented the issues and ideas that have shaped America’s largest city and the national urban agenda.



CivicLab is a new co-working space in the West Loop at 114 N. Aberdeen Street dedicated to collaboration, education and innovation for civic engagement.  Our call to service is – Investigate. Educate. Activate. CivicLab supports civic information & innovation through projects like the TIF Illumination Project.


Colorado Public News

We invite your help in creating an organization that will produce the factual, even-handed, quality reporting on Colorado news and issues, which are essential for informed citizens to run a healthy democracy and thriving economy. We concentrate on news you need, and that you can’t find elsewhere — because you need journalists to find it. We stick to the facts, and leave the opinions to the public.


CT Mirror

The Connecticut News Project, Inc., is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization -- a 501(c)(3) -- created in 2009 to reinvigorate coverage of state government, public policy and politics. Our primary goal is to ensure that the people of Connecticut are better informed about their government so they can more effectively participate in the development of public policy and hold officials accountable for addressing the state's needs. Through original reporting presented on our website, www.ctmirror.org, and distributed through various platforms and technologies, we are reasserting the “watchdog” role of the media. And, through internships, CNP is helping to help train a new generation of journalists.



Current is the newspaper and website about public and nonprofit media in the U.S. The paper comes out 23 times a year, usually biweekly, every other Monday. As of Jan. 1, 2011, Current became an editorially independent journalistic service of American University School of Communication, Washington, D.C. Current reported on the planned transfer in December 2010.


Education News, Colorado

A Global Leading News Source covering educational, political, business, and environmental issues. Since 1997 EducationNews has provided the latest daily EducationNews coverage from world-wide sources. In addition to the U. S. and world media publications, commentaries and reports are featured and include comprehensive views on education issues from all sides of the political spectrum. EducationNews.org has been ranked Number 1 for many years in our coverage of education. EducationNews.org is a fresh approach to the age-old problem of increasing coverage of education news.


Environmental Health News

Environmental Health News is a foundation-funded news service which publishes its own enterprise journalism and provides daily access to worldwide environmental news. Articles by EHN journalists are published at EHN.org and provided to newspapers and other media. Our searchable archives are free of charge and date back to 2002. EHN's daily electronic newsletter, Above The Fold, plus our children's health and energy newsletters are also available for free.



FairWarning is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit investigative news organization focused on public health,safety and environmental issues, and related topics of government and business accountability.


Florida Bulldog

Florida Bulldog, previously known as Broward Bulldog, emerged from the turmoil that defines the new media marketplace in the fall of 2009. We keep watchdog journalism alive by publishing important stories that otherwise go uncovered. We believe journalism is a public service that is essential to a free and democratic society. We are committed to bridging the gap by delivering more of the original, local, issue-oriented news and information our community needs.


Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting is a nonprofit, digital and bilingual investigative journalism organization working to expose corruption, waste and miscarriages of justice. FCIR believes this type of reporting is essential to democracy, and will use the latest technologies and storytelling techniques to connect with diverse audiences throughout the state.


Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN)

The Food & Environment Reporting Network, Inc., is an independent, non-profit news organization that produces investigative reporting on food, agriculture, and environmental health. Our stories fall under the classic mandate of investigative reporting–to reveal corruption, abuse of power, and exploitation wherever it happens; to expose activities and subjects that the powerful work to keep hidden or which are simply overlooked by major media; and to give a voice to the voiceless.


G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism (Tides Center)

Tides actively promotes change toward a healthy society, one which is founded on principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and sustainable environmental practices. Tides believes healthy societies rely fundamentally on respect for human rights, the vitality of communities, and a celebration of diversity.


Georgia Health News

Georgia Health News is an independent news organization devoted to covering health care in the state. We are serious about our independence and are not affiliated with any political party, special interest organization or activist group. Our mission is to fill the widening gap in media coverage with a substantive website that provides crucial information about health care in Georgia. GHN features original stories and feature stories written by longtime health journalist Andy Miller. Georgia Health News also posts health articles written by other media outlets and offers a resource guide for Georgia consumers to help them navigate an increasingly complex health care system.

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Georgia News Lab

The Georgia News Lab is a collaborative investigative reporting initiative among four Georgia university journalism programs and two dominant Southeast news outlets. The partners in the Lab are Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV.  The Lab's goals are to train young reporters in the practice of investigative journalism, to bring added diversity to the field, and to produce high-quality, watchdog news stories.


Global Center for Investigative Journalism

The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) is composed of nonprofit investigative journalism organizations that produce stories, conduct training, provide resources, and encourage the creation of similar nonprofit groups. It was created in 2003 when more than 300 journalists from around the world gathered for the second Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Copenhagen. Since then it has grown to more than 88 member organizations in 40 countries.


Health News Florida

Originally founded in December 2006 as an independent grassroots publication dedicated to coverage of health issues in Florida, Health News Florida was acquired by WUSF Public Media in September 2012.


Hidden City Philadelphia

Hidden City Philadelphia pulls back the curtain on the city’s most remarkable places and connects them to new people, functions, and resources. We celebrate the power of place and inspire social action to make our city a better place to live, work, and play. We do this through four complementary programs.


Homicide Watch

Homicide Watch D.C. is part of a growing network of Homicide Watch sites across the United States. Homicide Watch D.C. was awarded the Knight Public Service Award by the Online News Association in 2012, was named an “Open Gov Champion” by the Sunlight Foundation, and has been covered by publications such as Nieman Journalism Lab, Columbia Journalism Review, The Atlantic and the New York Times. We use original reporting, primary source documents and social networking to build one of the nation’s most comprehensive public resources on violent crime.  



InvestigateWest is a new model for investigative journalism for on the Pacific Northwest. We are a nonprofit studio founded in 2009 to strengthen communities, engage citizens in civic life, and help set the policy agenda through powerful, independent journalism.


Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute

The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute is dedicated to improving the scope and overall quality of investigative reporting in the independent press and beyond. The Investigative Fund incubates and supports important investigative stories with the potential for social impact, particularly on issues that may be bypassed by the mainstream media. The Investigative Fund does this by providing reporters with editorial guidance, institutional support, and grants to cover the research costs associated with investigative journalism.


Investigative Newsource

Our mission is to produce investigative journalism that informs citizens of Southern California. We are collaborative, not competitive, and seek to distribute our work throughout the region, across multiple media platforms.


Investigative Post

Investigative Post is a non-profit investigative reporting center focused on issues of importance to Buffalo and Western New York Investigative Post has a dual mission: to promote a just and well-governed community and a healthy environment and economy by providing citizens with high-quality investigative reporting and analysis and to develop young journalists, particularly those of color, through partnerships with local colleges and universities and by providing internships, apprenticeships and other opportunities to students and recent graduates wanting to learn the craft of investigative reporting.


Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University

The Investigative Reporting Workshop, a project of the School of Communication (SOC) at American University, is a nonprofit, professional newsroom. The Workshop publishes in-depth stories at investigativereportingworkshop.org about government and corporate accountability, ranging widely from the environment and health to national security and the economy. The Workshop pairs experienced professional reporters and editors with graduate students, and co-publishes with mainstream media partners and nonprofit newsrooms. We also have an ongoing relationship with the PBS program FRONTLINE.


Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism

The Iowa Center’s mission is to maintain an independent, non-partisan journalistic program dedicated to producing and encouraging explanatory and investigative journalism in Iowa, engaging in collaborative reporting efforts with Iowa news organizations and educating journalism students.


Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) is the only publication covering juvenile justice and related issues in the Southeast and around the nation on a consistent, daily basis. In the past, traditional journalism organizations filled this function. Today, due to shrinking resources, there are large gaps in that coverage. The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange fills the void.


KHI News Service

The KHI News Service provides thorough and objective coverage of issues, people and events that affect health policy in Kansas. We launched the KHI News Service in 2006 and recruited highly respected Kansas journalists to staff it because of our belief that good journalism is critical to an informed citizenry, a robust public debate and ultimately good public policy.


Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative journalism organization founded in 2009 to research, write and publish stories about Maine government. These stories empower citizens to understand how their government works and hold public officials accountable. Our vision is to fulfill the responsibility of a free press in the American democracy by looking beneath the surface of Maine government and writing clearly and without fear or favor about what we discover. The Center keeps citizens informed about their government and their public servants through high-quality, independent investigative reporting that is published on our website and by more than 30 media partners across Maine.



Elected officials collect large sums of money to run their election campaigns, and they often pay back campaign contributors with special access and favorable laws. This common practice is contrary to the public interest, yet legal. MapLight is a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money’s influence on politics in the U.S. Congress and in the California and Wisconsin Legislatures. We provide journalists and citizens with transparency tools that connect data on campaign contributions, politicians, legislative votes, industries, companies, and more to show patterns of influence never before possible to see.


Maryland Reporter

MarylandReporter.com is a daily news website produced by journalists committed to making state government as open, transparent, accountable and responsive as possible – in deed, not just in promise.


Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting is an independent, nonprofit newsroom devoted to educating the public about crucial issues in the Midwest with a special focus on agribusiness and related topics such as government programs, environment and energy. Started in 2009 by journalist Mike Sherry, the Center intends to provide training and education for students, professional journalists and citizens to better understand agribusiness and its impact locally, regionally and globally. The Center also plans to use both traditional and innovative digital tools and techniques to analyze data about agribusiness and distribute the results.


Midwest Energy News

Midwest Energy News, launched in 2010, is a nonprofit news site dedicated to keeping stakeholders, policymakers, and citizens informed of the important changes taking place as the Midwest shifts from fossil fuels to a clean energy system.



MinnPost is a nonprofit, nonpartisan enterprise whose mission is to provide high-quality journalism for news-intense people who care about Minnesota. We publish online atwww.minnpost.com Monday through Friday with a limited edition on Saturday. MinnPost provides news and analysis based on reporting by professional journalists, most of whom have decades of experience in the Twin Cities media.



Mongabay.org aims to raise awareness about social and environmental issues relating to forests and other ecosystems.


Montana Center for Investigative Reporting

The Montana Center for Investigative Reporting is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to producing investigative journalism in the public interest on issues crucial to the healthy function of Montana communities


Mother Jones

Mother Jones is a nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting. We currently have two main "platforms": an award-winning bimonthly national magazine (circulation 240,000), and a website featuring new, original reporting 24-7. (In the past we've had a radio show and TV specials; theme parks are in the conceptual stage.) Why should you read or support us? Because "smart, fearless journalism" keeps people informed—"informed" being pretty much indispensable to a democracy that actually works. Because we've been ahead of the curve time and again.


National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting

The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting is a program of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. and the Missouri School of Journalism. Since 1989, NICAR has trained thousands of journalists in the practical skills of getting and analyzing electronic information and also maintains a library of databases containing government data on a wide array of subjects, available for purchase by IRE members.


National Institute on Money in State Politics

The National Institute on Money in State Politics is the only nonpartisan, nonprofit organization revealing the influence of campaign money on state-level elections and public policy in all 50 states. Our comprehensive and verifiable campaign-finance database and relevant issue analyses are available for free through our Web site FollowTheMoney.org. We encourage transparency and promote independent investigation of state-level campaign contributions by journalists, academic researchers, public-interest groups, government agencies, policymakers, students and the public at large.


New England Center for Investigative Reporting

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting (NECIR) is a nonprofit investigative reporting newsroom based at Boston University. Our mission is to ensure the survival of serious, in-depth investigative journalism in New England and to train a new generation of investigative reporters. NECIR produces high-quality, high-impact multi-media investigative stories that require time and resources few mainstream news outlets can provide. All of our reporting is done by experienced, professional journalists with the assistance of student researchers.


New Haven Independent

New Haven. Its neighborhoods. Its government. Its people – from the knuckleheads to the dreamers and schemers, and everyone in between. That’s what this web site is about: A five-day-a-week report on news about the City of New Haven, Connecticut, produced by veteran local journalists, and by you.


New Mexico In-Depth

New Mexico In Depth’s goal is to foster, promote and publish journalism in the public interest. We want our journalism to be curious and analytical, to tackle big questions and complex issues. We hope to give a more contextual and comprehensive picture of life in our communities and make it available to as many New Mexicans as possible.



Newsdesk.org is a commercial-free source for important but overlooked news, and a platform for independent journalists to fund, produce, publish and promote their public-interest work. Founded in 2000, Newsdesk has published a wide variety of investigative and public-interest news coverage by a diverse community of reporters.


NJ Spotlight

NJ Spotlight is an online news service providing insight and information on issues critical to New Jersey, with the aim of informing and engaging the state’s communities and businesses. We are nonpartisan, independent, policy-centered and community-minded. NJ Spotlight exists through the generous support of the Community Foundation of New Jersey, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the William Penn Foundation.


North Carolina Health News

Founded in November 2011 as a North Carolina nonprofit, NCHN is an independent news organization devoted to covering health care in the state. We are serious about our independence and are not affiliated with any political party, special interest organization or activist group. Our mission is to fill the widening gap in media coverage by creating a substantive website that will provide crucial information about health care in North Carolina. NCHN will feature original stories and feature stories written by experienced health journalists Rose Hoban,  Taylor Sisk and others. North Carolina Health News will also link to health articles written by other media outlets and offer a resource guide for North Carolina consumers to help them navigate an increasingly complex health care system.


Oakland Local

Oakland Local’s parent, The Center for Media Change (CMC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2008.  Our mission is to use media and technology to find a way to make professional journalism viable in the digital age; and to foster civic engagement and create positive social change, especially in under-served communities of color. Over the five years of our existence, our programs have created innovative new ways to serve local communities, increase civic engagement and hold those in power accountable.


Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism

The Ochberg Society is a global network of journalists who advance the compassionate and ethical coverage of trauma, conflict and social injustice. We began as a group of Ochberg Fellows of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma who wanted to continue to support each other’s work. Over the years our membership has grown to include editors, reporters, photographers and documentary film-makers from around the world and at different stages in their careers.


Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism

Eye on Ohio was incorporated in August 2012 to advance the practice of non-profit investigative journalism. Based in Cleveland but covering stories with a state-wide impact, it was founded by journalists committed to preserving and enhancing this important field of journalism. Our mission is to promote the public good by pursuing in-depth, underreported and high-impact journalism which exposes injustice and explores its consequences. Our reporting will investigate the truth, hold those in power accountable, and seek solutions.


Oklahoma Watch

Oklahoma Watch is a non-profit organization that produces in-depth and investigative journalism on important public-policy issues facing the state. Our mission is to dig beneath the surface of issues of public importance, provide insightful analysis and reveal surprising trends, facts, issues, underlying causes and  possible solutions. Oklahoma Watch is non-partisan and strives to be balanced, fair, accurate and comprehensive. Our goal is make a difference in the lives of Oklahomans.



The Center for Responsive Politics is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government. Its OpenSecrets Blog, run by award-winning journalists, breaks original stories that go behind the numbers, including investigative work on "dark money" and its growing role in electoral politics.


Pacific News Service/New America Media

New America Media is the country's first and largest national collaboration and advocate of 2000 ethnic news organizations. Over 57 million ethnic adults connect to each other, to home countries and to America through 3000+ ethnic media, the fastest growing sector of American journalism. Founded by the nonprofit Pacific News Service in 1996, NAM is headquartered in California with offices inNew York and Washington D.C., and partnerships with journalism schools to grow local associations of ethnic media.


Philadelphia Public School Notebook

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent, nonprofit news service serving thousands of supporters of the Philadelphia public schools. TheNotebook serves as an information source and voice for parents, students, teachers, and other members of the community who are working for quality and equality in Philadelphia's public schools.



ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Our work focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.


Public Herald

Public Herald is a nonprofit organization. Our independent group of journalists and artists are dedicated to investigative journalism in the public interest. We work with communities who face challenging conditions to tell their stories through engaging online journalism and multimedia projects. We are focused on accountability where people are silenced by the abuse of power from government, industry, social or environmental circumstances.


Public Insight Network (Spot.us)

Spot.Us is a nonprofit platform for “community powered reporting.” Through Spot.Us the public can support journalists and newsrooms to do reporting on important and perhaps overlooked topics. Contributions are tax deductible and we partner with news organizations to distribute content under appropriate licenses.



PublicSource is an independent, non-profit news group that focuses on original investigative reporting about critical issues facing Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania region. It was launched to undertake in-depth reporting in the public interest. PublicSource will concentrate on issues that have a major impact on the lives of citizens and on those who have the power and responsibility to influence those events.


Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is an innovative award-winning non-profit journalism organization dedicated to supporting the independent international journalism that U.S. media organizations are increasingly less able to undertake. The Center focuses on under-reported topics, promoting high-quality international reporting and creating platforms that reach broad and diverse audiences.


Raleigh Public Record

The nonprofit Raleigh Public Record reports and documents the news of Raleigh, North Carolina. Through its website the Record fairly and responsibly covers the issues affecting all Raleigh communities, using traditional pen-and-pad reporting as well as audio and visual storytelling. While reporting stories traditional media no longer cover, the Record also tests new ways to convey news and helps train a new generation of journalists.


Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network

The I-News Network is the public-service journalism arm of Rocky Mountain PBS. I-News produces in-depth, research-based journalism that many newsrooms couldn’t do alone. We collaborate with the most respected news outlets to deliver this journalism to millions of Coloradans. Together with our media partners, we’re filling a void in serious public-service journalism, bringing more in-depth news to the places you already look for your news: your newspaper, radio, television, computer and digital device.


San Francisco Public Press

The San Francisco Public Press is an independent nonprofit, noncommercial news organization dedicated to producing important local public-interest news. We do for print and Web journalism what public broadcasting has done for radio and television.


Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation

The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation launched in 2012 with the goal of providing in-depth financial investigative reporting for the common good. We believe investigative journalism is a critical independent tool for ensuring government and corporate accountability and uncovering concealed but crucial information. With the massive shrinking of media budgets and severe trimming of staffs in recent years, investigative reporting projects have been sharply curtailed or eliminated.


Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses the power of the Internet to catalyze greater government openness and transparency, and provides new tools and resources for media and citizens, alike. We are committed to improving access to government information by making it available online, indeed redefining “public” information as meaning “online,” and by creating new tools and websites to enable individuals and communities to better access that information and put it to use.


Texas Observer

The Texas Observer writes about issues ignored or under-reported in the mainstream press. Our goal is to cover stories crucial to the public interest and to provoke dialogue that promotes democratic participation and open government, in pursuit of a vision of Texas where education, justice and material progress are available to all.The Texas Observer is a nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political and social-justice reporting from the strangest state in the Union. Our award-winning magazine is published monthly, and our Web site features daily content.


Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune is a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization that promotes civic engagement and discourse on public policy, politics, government, and other matters of statewide concern. Our vision is to serve the journalism community as a source of innovation and to build the next great public media brand in the United States.


The Chicago Bureau

Our aim is not to simply entertain or inform as just another entry in a busy local news market. Rather, using all media, we strive to move forward the conversation on vital youth policy concerns.


The Daily Climate

The Daily Climate is an independent media organization working to increase public understanding of climate change, including its scope and scale, potential solutions and the political processes that impede or advance them. The Daily Climate does not espouse a political point of view on the news but instead reports the issue to the best of our ability. Editorial integrity is the foundation of our mission. Establishing the trust of our readers is a fundamental editorial objective; all of our reporting, editing and publishing adheres to the highest standards of journalism, including honesty, accuracy, balance and objectivity.


The Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism

The Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism (The Center/KCPSJ) is a nonprofit (501-c-3 pending), nonpartisan, independent news organization that produces in-depth, informative journalism in the public interest for a place for which we have deep caring and affection. Focusing on the integrity of Kentucky’s public institutions and quality-of-life issues impacting the people of Kentucky, The Center will deal with issues including, but not limited to, the environment, economy, justice system, education, health, diversity, human rights, immigration and public safety and the impact of government policies on Kentucky residents.


The Lens NOLA

The Lens is the New Orleans area’s first nonprofit, nonpartisan public-interest newsroom, dedicated to unique in-depth reporting projects, as well as exclusive daily stories. Our mission is to educate, engage and empower readers with information and analysis necessary for them to advocate for a more transparent and just governance that is accountable to the public.


The Reporters, Inc.

The Reporters Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) journalistic production house. We’re devoted to producing multimedia projects that promote social awareness and encourage social change. Our goal is to uncover subjects and explore concerns that are often undiscovered, inadequately examined, misrepresented, underrepresented, or just plain ignored by other media.  


The Seattle Globalist

The Seattle Globalist is a daily “hyperglobal” publication covering the connections between Seattle and the rest of the globe. It’s where Seattle meets the world. The Globalist features travel writing from a Northwest perspective, restaurant and music reviews, a calendar of cultural events, and perspectives on global news from Seattle’s international population. Behind this layer of content is a robust community of Globalists—travelers, immigrants, global health workers, students, foreign film buffs, foodies— all the Seattleites who identify with the rest of the world.


Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Reporting

The Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism is dedicated to training students for distinguished careers in investigative journalism. Teaching investigative journalism is a core mission of The Journalism School. Some of the best investigative journalists in the country teach at Columbia and many other professors use investigative techniques in courses not explicitly labeled with the “I” word.


Tucson Sentinel

TucsonSentinel.com is a local independent nonprofit news organization that offers professional reporting and community conversation on issues that affect Tucson. Our goal is to build a sustainable nonprofit business model that delivers quality reporting in a competitive media environment. TucsonSentinel.com provides evenhanded professionally produced journalism.


Voice of OC

Welcome to Voice of OC. We are a non-profit investigative news agency dedicated to in-depth coverage of Orange County government and politics. Voice of OC reporters deploy through a geographically based beat structure with each reporter covering several Orange County cities. In many respects, Voice of OC reporters cover their beats like good municipal reporters have always covered city halls. But our approach goes significantly beyond a standard newsroom municipal coverage plan.


Voice of San Diego

Voice of San Diego is a member-based nonprofit investigative news organization that gives concerned citizens the tools they need to engage in important conversations about their community. We are unlike any news outlet in San Diego because we dig deeper to uncover the truth and devote the time necessary to turn the chaos of news into a story people can access and understand.



VTDigger.org is a statewide news website dedicated to coverage of Vermont politics, consumer affairs, business and public policy. VTDigger.org is a project of The Vermont Journalism Trust, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The two organizations merged in October 2010. VJT became the official publisher for VTDigger.org in March 2011. We publish original news reporting, video, audio and photos, in addition to raw information in the form of press releases and government documents.


WBEZ, 91.5 – Chicago Public Media

Chicago Public Media serves the public interest by producing and delivering diverse, compelling content of multiple viewpoints and expression. We act as the circuit that connects residents of our region to one another, to the nation, and to the world in a relevant and evocative way.  We are a regional resource fostering full and active citizenship by creating connections and remaining present and involved broadly in community life.


Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

The Center works with its partners and mainstream and ethnic news media to improve the quality and expand the amount of investigative journalism in Wisconsin. Our focus is on government integrity and quality of life issues. Our mission statement: Protect the vulnerable. Expose wrongdoing. Seek solutions to problems.


Women’s eNews

Women’s eNews is an impact-driven nonprofit news organization that creates social change by disseminating information and focusing attention on the rights of women and girls around the world through investigative reporting. Established in 2000, Women’s eNews has received over 40 awards for our coverage. Our news is available free to the public on our website and via email subscription service. With registered subscribers who are activists, educators, policy makers and world leaders, Women’s eNews sets the news agenda for conventional media.


WXXI LJC Innovation Trail

The Innovation Trail is a collaboration between Six upstate New York public media outlets, led by WXXI, along with WBFO/WNED, WRVO, WSKG, WMHT andNorth Country Public Radio. The initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), will help the public gain a better understanding of the connection between technological breakthroughs and the revitalization of upstate New York's economy. Reports will focus on research, development, education, funding, and policy issues around emerging fields like energy, information technology, biotech, nanotech, and photonics.



WyoFile is an independent, nonprofit news service focused on the people, places and policy of Wyoming. Recognizing the rapid decline in resources among traditional news outlets, WyoFile offers supplemental in-depth coverage of complicated subjects and issues ranging from tax policy to trends in Wyoming culture. Designed as a one-stop venue for Wyoming news, WyoFile produces regular commentary and analysis as well as daily summaries and links to important Wyoming-related stories in the state and national press. Written and edited by leading Wyoming journalists and educators, WyoFile is a non-partisan public interest site for people who care deeply about the civic and cultural health of our state. The site provides news and information that enables the residents of Wyoming to become informed and engaged contributors to important public issues.


Youth Today

Youth Today provides quality, independent journalism and training for professionals who work to ensure that all of our children reach their full personal, educational and societal potential