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Deconstructing the “Data Tower of Babel” To Do Real Journalism


"There's a story in the Bible, where the different peoples of the earth get together and start building a tower.  God gets jealous, or maybe he thinks it's a bad idea, and he makes them all speak different languages," says Travis Swicegood of the Texas Tribune, leading a session on data journalism.  "We journalists don't have that problem.  We're not even building a tower yet." Swicegood outlines the state of cross-organization cooperation today. Continue Reading →

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Snowfall for All: Small Newsrooms Can Do Immersive Storytelling — Just Like The Big Guys


Sure, big organizations like The New York Times can create immersive storytelling experiences like Snowfall -- but is that a useful example for small or midsize organizations? The good news is that new tools are making large staffs and budgets unnecessary even for projects that seem like they must take a lot of custom development times.  These tools allow you to create fullscreen, scrolling, and (sometimes) responsive features.   Adam Schweigert of the Investigative News Network and Jessica Plautz of Skift presented. Creatavist -- Created by the Atavist magazine, this mini-cms creates fullscreen "magazine experience" minisites. Continue Reading →

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How can news organizations assess impact and engagement?


Lauren Fuhrmann of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism spoke to CJET, an event where independent investigative and community news organizations can gain business development and strategic planning skills to make their organization sustainable in the long term. Continue Reading →

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Building New Audiences, Engaging the Community with Pinterest


Is Pinterest still relevant for the news industry to use? This week we highlight some of the news organizations that are using Pinterest for innovative purposes and shedding light on new ways that Pinterest can open the door for nonprofit news organizations to use the platform to build new audiences and engage with the community. Continue Reading →

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Building Community, Innovation: The Power of Coding Workshops, Hackathons for Nonprofit News Organizations

coding event

Social coding events have become more popular in recent years due to the increasing open civic data movement in the United States and around the world. This week we take a look into what it takes for a nonprofit news organization to implement its own social coding event. Continue Reading →

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