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Big Political Donors Give Far and Wide, Influence Out-of-State Races and Issues

power players

An analysis by the Investigative News Network of contributions by wealthy individuals in seven states shows that their giving is greater than any one cause or race reveals -- with millions flowing into state, federal and even local campaigns, parties and committees far and wide. Continue Reading →

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Co-publishing As Collaboration

The broad swath of newsrooms that published Carnegie-Knight News21’s package on Voter fraud and ID laws across America is surely a sign that the taboo of one newsroom publishing another’s investigation is certainly waning, if not dead. Continue Reading →

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Designing the Collaborative Story Workshop

Cohesion can be difficult in any project -- but it's especially challenging in long-distance collaborations among newsrooms, the kind of journalism the Investigative News Network tries to foster among our growing consortium of 62 members. How do you get a group of journalists scattered around the country to coalesce around an idea? There are many different approaches, but one we've taken recently is running story workshops at journalism conferences. We first tried this approach in April, at the Collab/Space event the day before the Logan Symposium. Borrowing from recent computer developer "hack-a-thons," we brought together experts and editors and reporters from member newsrooms to discuss ideas. Continue Reading →

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NBC Announces Partnerships with Nonrofit Newsrooms

NBC today announced four new partnerships with non-profit media organizations to fulfill promises the company made to the Federal Communications Commission during the review of its then-pending merger with Comcast. The network will be working with INN member ProPublica, the Chicago Reporter and two public radio stations—KPCC in Los Angeles and WHYY in Philadelphia. The partnerships are modeled on an ongoing relationship between the NBC station in San Diego and INN member Voice of San Diego, which work together on two weekly showcase pieces and an arts segment. Voice earns some revenue from the deal. “We do pay a fee—in reality we’re jointly getting the segments sponsored—it’s a way of sharing that,” Greg Dawson, Vice President of News for NBC San Diego, told INN. Continue Reading →

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A Lawyer’s View: Bulletproofing your Tweets

The Value of Social Media for gathering information, developing your public persona as a journalist, and promoting your work is well-recognized, writes Jeff Hermes, Director of the Digital Media Law Project at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Yet promoting investigative work on social media platforms poses special challenges. In an article for INN, Hermes, who operates the Online Media Legal Network, details the issues at play and offers some guidelines to consider. Among them:

*Never say anything about the story in a social media context that you would not be comfortable publishing in the text of the story itself. *Facts that did not make it into the article should not appear in social media--particularly those facts removed during the vetting process. Continue Reading →

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Using Data in Daily Reporting

Layoffs, small plane crashes, workplace accidents. The stories you write everyday can be informed by data available to INN members through an arrangement with IRE. “Often, when people think of databases, or data-driven reporting, their eyes glaze over and they envision deep-dive projects with seemingly no end,” said Jaimi Dowdell, training director at IRE. “One of the nice things about having a database library at your fingertips is the ability to pull out small bits of information to enhance a story and give it context.”

Here are some examples, provided by Dowdell, of what’s available and how it can help reporting out local stories:

If there's a workplace accident such as the October explosion at the Bartlett Grain Co. in Kansas, reporters can use OSHA data to look up detailed information about a company. Continue Reading →

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An Insider’s View: A Nonprofit in a Newspaper Newsroom

This summer, INN member California Watch announced that two of its staffers would be working in an unusual place: the newsroom of the Orange County Register. Mark Katches, editorial director for California Watch and CIR, has for some time wanted to have a presence in Southern California and he had a connection with the Register–he was Investigations Editor there until 2006. For a newspaper in a competitive market to agree to such an arrangement would have been unheard of 10 years ago. The Register’s receptiveness speaks to the changing nature of the news business and the increasing acceptance of partnerships with enterprising nonprofits. INN caught up with Ken Brusic, Editor of the Orange County Register, to talk about his trail-blazing move. Continue Reading →

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